Benefits Of Using Responsive Related Posts Widgets On Your Blog

Having a mobile responsive related posts widget for a blogger blog is of great importance. Before now, every BlogSpot user would have to install LinkWithin related post widget but now we have a better alternative to LinkWithin which is a simple and stylish blogger related post widget with a thumbnail image.

A related posts widget has its own pros and cons and before sharing with you this simple LinkWithin alternative, I would first explain a bit about why you need a related post widget and also the side effect it pulls to your blog.

how does a  related posts widget work?

A related post widget as the name implies is a customizable posts widget just like the recent post, random post and popular posts. It organises a set of posts which are similar to the post in question. How does it define related posts? Through blog labels.

When you post an article you are most certain to add a blog label (category) to it, this tells the related post widget that these posts with the same blog label are alike and should be sorted together. That is the simple system operated by the related posts widgets.

How about when I don't use labels? when you don't use blog labels, the related post widget randomly selects blog post as related posts by doing this, it assumes that all posts on your blog are related since they all don't have labels.

why do I need related posts widget? - Pros

Often times, bloggers demand certain widgets just because they have seen it somewhere else on the web without even knowing the exact use of the widget. You might also like blogger widget (related posts) is important for every blog for a few reasons which you might want to consider.
  1. Increase traffic
  2. Suggests new contents for readers
  3. Decreases your bounce rates
  4. More earnings for you
  5. Most certain improves your blog SEO
  6. better navigation for your site
Better navigation for your site: Whenever you apply for Google AdSense, it keeps rejecting your application for a few reasons which includes "clear navigation" - a visitor should be able to move around your blog easily and find what she/he needs without having problems.
thus, this brings in the function of a similar post widget which simply navigate blog visitors to pages similar to the one they are reading. By doing this, your visitors can easily move around contents they like without having problems.
Increase traffic: without a you might also like widget, a visitor would probably leave your website after reading the first post but with a related post widget, a visitor is most likely to read a post similar to the one he just read.
Many blog owners have used this system of what is related to increase their pageviews or traffic. Not forgetting; increase blog traffic is most certainly to bring increase earnings especially when you use services that pay per impression.

Decreased bounce rate: Bing and other search engines have always mentioned bounce rate as a ranking criterion for every blog, now you might be thinking I have SEO properly optimise my blogger blog and still bounce rate will be killing your site. Indeed to decrease your bounce rate, you need to speed up your blogger blog
but still, you need a related post widget especially when you publish short posts such as music and gossip bloggers. Including a you might also like blogger widget will help you your blog visitors stay longer on your blog,
which will definitely improve the SEO ranking of your blog, and next thing search engines will start showing your posts on the first page.

Cons of a related post widget

Something that saves you can also kill you. All related posts widgets often have similar problems and these problems always affect the loading of your blog.
Related posts just like every other post widgets, uses callback which decreases the loading speed of a blog. A smart way to reduce this effect is to limit the number of related posts shown per page. Because of the higher the number, the higher the callbacks to be made.
Other problems may be peculiar with different types of widgets. Related posts with thumbnail image often have the issue of non-optimized images while externally loaded related post widget such as LinkWithin, AddThis often act as rendering blocking JavaScript which again can kill your blog loading speed.


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